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Get a grip, and climb…

The girls have been experiencing a fun filled and relaxing summer thus far. With the summer program well under way, it’s been chock full of excitement. The girls all had a blast as they hiked and rappelled in the mountains of Israel, enjoying the scenic route. To top it off, they enjoyed an exciting jeep ride.

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Closing Remarks

The 2014-2015 school year draws to a close at Or Chadash. We’re only saying goodbye to the school year though, not to each other. After a quick visit home, we are all coming back to a transformed campus next week when the summer program begins.

At the closing assembly, the girls were addressed by the deans and principals. They also celebrated each other’s accomplishments as the outstanding students were presented with certificates and gifts for their achievements.

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A breath of fresh air

An afternoon to unwind… In these last few days of school, with all the cramming and exams, the girls found a bit of respite on a trip to the beach. Some girls just relaxed while others released their pent up energies at the park overlooking the water.


Congrats Grads!

Wednesday eve marked the completion of high school education for our graduating class. This momentous occasion was celebrated in the attendance of the parents, grandparents and, siblings of the graduates as well as the teachers and staff of Or Chadash.

In the lineup of speeches, the girls had the privilege to hear from Rabbi Moshe Tanami, the dean. In his talk, Rabbi Tanami likened Or Chadash to Noah’s Ark. For the years leading up to this moment, the girls were tucked away at Or Chadash surrounded by love and protection, while the world spun rapidly around them. However, now they are leaving Or Chadash for their next stage in life, and they are going out into the whirlpool of the world. Rabbi Tanami bid them much success, and reminded them to take with them the teachings which they received at Or Chadash and to draw strength from them.

The girls are moving out of our rooms, but they will remain in our hearts forever.


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Bring on the fun!

The girls at Or Chadash were given a little taste of what’s in store for them in this summer’s camp program. They watched a video presentation of the fun activities to come, while they enjoyed their frozen treats distributed by the GO coordinators.

The countdown to summer break continues…

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Update: Progress on our new dorm building

Girls Town Or Chadash is not a well-kept secret at all. With G-d’s help our dorms are completely full, but the applications keep coming. Therefore, we have set out to expand our housing facilities to accommodate another 100 girls starting for the next school year. The building is in its second phase of construction and we are working tirelessly to have it completed in time for September. 
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Donation opportunities are still available.

Be a part of making an additional 100 girls dreams a reality.



Splish… Splash…

Who said life is all about work and no play? They were wrong! The end of the scholastic year is looming and the girls are in the midst of taking their finals and Bagrut exams. They are working mighty hard! So…. it comes as a very welcome respite that the Or Chadash pool was opened this week. After a long day of learning and studying, the girls get to splash their stress away.


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Fire up the grill!

Life is a picnic. At least we wish it was… Ok fine – life doesn’t have to be a picnic, but life needs to have a picnic every once in a while.

The high school classes of Or Chadash spent a pleasant afternoon at the park grilling, strumming some tunes, and just romping around being kids.

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#Purim #Party

Come one come all to the greatest masquerade of all! We enjoyed a night of revelry to complete the excited and happy feelings with Purim in the air. There was a musical performance by our in house talent, a carnival complete with rides, snacks, and prizes, but most of all there was an abundance of laughter to go around. 

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