Bridal Fund


Fridal Fund 5The girls graduate, but that doesn’t signal to us that our job is done. When Or Chadash welcomes a child into our family, they are with us forever, in whichever capacity a child would need.

The Bridal Fund was set up, so that we can continue in our support of the girls which we watched grow into fine young women. We are here for them both emotionally and financially as they embark on their next stage of life. Every girl has different needs while preparing for her big day, but we address their needs as any parent would. Shopping, setting up an apartment, gown fittings, or a listening ear, we share it all. Even those late night phone calls when the nerves suddenly flare up. It comforts the girls to know that even though they are leaving the safe confines of our campus, they can always call on us for whatever help they need.

Often times, the girls will seek us out for assistance after marriage as well. They know that we will assist them whether it’s helping them transition into motherhood or by replacing a broken appliance. Our ties are never severed.